Terms of Service

The CUSTOMER who receives the domain service accepts and undertakes not to use it for the purposes specified below or not to make it available to others.

These general terms of use, international sales and marketing activities and accounting and invoicing BUMEPI TECHNOLOGIES LTD. (Serbest Liman ve Bölge Posta Kutusu No: 1542, Gazimağusa, 99450 KKTC ); R & D, Call center and support service activities Dieyg Ajans (Yalı Mahallesi, Plaj Caddesi No 54 İç Kapı No 2 Karasu / Sakarya / Turkey ) at the addresses of the group of companies (Hereinafter referred to as smm. domains) and 3rd parties who have opened an account on smm.domains by purchasing smm.domains products and services and receiving services as a customer (hereinafter referred to as customer). All disputes that may arise between the parties will be resolved within the framework of the following provisions. In the event that the customer violates these general terms, smm.domains may confiscate customer accounts and suspend customer services indefinitely or temporarily.
2.1 Your electronic confirmation of this agreement means that you have read the agreement and accept and agree to all the terms contained in the agreement. 2.2 All disputes that may arise between both parties will be resolved within the framework of the explanations detailed in the contract. In the event that the CUSTOMER violates the specified terms, smm.domains may confiscate the relevant accounts or stop the services provided for a period of time, indefinitely.
2.3 This agreement enters into force between smm.domains and the CUSTOMER upon the approval of the CUSTOMER. This contract covers the rules and general terms of service regarding domain registration and transfer that smm.domains provides or will provide to the CUSTOMER.
3.1 The CUSTOMER and smm.domains agree that the CUSTOMER is the authorized person for the allocated domain.
3.2 If the domain service is received by a legal entity, the signature authority of the company is considered authorized with the domain.
3.4 The CUSTOMER accepts all rules set or later amended by both smm.domains and the Authorized Registry Operator. Amendments to this agreement may be required by smm.domains when necessary to comply with the rules and policies set by ICANN or organizations designated by ICANN as Registry Authorities. The CUSTOMER accepts that these changes may be made.
3.5 The service is not considered complete until the domain is registered. For unregistered, document-requiring, reserved, special (premium) domain names, smm.domains performs unconditional refunds and may cancel the order.
If the services offered for sale by smm.domains are requested by the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay for the service. Payment is made by the CUSTOMER by any of the payment methods determined by smm.domains, payment methods determined by smm.domains; Online payment by credit card, payment by Perfect Money payment system, payment by Coinbase. Service fees may be set in American dollars. When the domain registration service is purchased, if smm.domains cannot collect all or part of the price for the service provided, or if the payment is returned as a result of a later objection even if the payment has been collected, smm.domains may apply for all kinds of legal sanctions for the collection of the payment. It may also stop the services of the CUSTOMER temporarily or permanently when necessary. In the event that the service is made by a different person or organization and this person or organization claims to be the original owner of the service, the domain is transferred to the person who made the payment. However, the content uploaded by the CUSTOMER is not transferred. Only the service is transferred.
Domain registrations are registered for a period between 1-10 years according to the CUSTOMER'S preference. The CUSTOMER can extend the period if they wish. The time extension takes place when the CUSTOMER places an order and makes payment through the control panel, smm.domains is not obliged to make or follow the domain renewal process, smm.domains sends warning e-mails by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the CUSTOMER during registration. However, smm.domains has no obligation if these e-mails are not noticed or not received by the CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER is obliged to follow the domain end date.
If the domain renewal fee cannot be received from the CUSTOMER for any reason, the domain registered by smm.domains will be out of use at the end of the period. The domain that is out of use can be renewed and activated by extending the period if the CUSTOMER requests within 30 days. However, after 30 days, the domain enters the Redemption Period. If the CUSTOMER wishes to buy a domain within this period, the costs will be charged by adding the costs requested by ICANN. At the end of the Redemption Period, the domain enters the cancellation process. In this process, no renewal can be done in any way. At the end of the process, the domain will be available for purchase by anyone again.
This agreement is valid as long as the CUSTOMER registers the domain through smm.domains, smm.domains is only the domain registrar of smmturk.org dealership panels, the domain cannot be transferred to another company. smm.domains may make changes to this agreement from time to time in accordance with both laws and international domain rules. The CUSTOMER is deemed to have accepted these changes and updates. If the CUSTOMER wishes to terminate this agreement unilaterally, he / she is deemed to have accepted that he / she will not receive any payment refund.
The CUSTOMER cannot transfer the domain that he/she has registered through smm.domains until the smmturk.org dealership process is over and the dealership data is deleted.
The CUSTOMER is obliged to keep the information provided as part of the services received accurate and up-to-date. In case of any changes in any information, smm.domains must make the changes on the side. Regardless of the reason, if the information provided by the CUSTOMER to smm.domains is not correct, the contract is deemed to have been violated. In addition, in doubtful cases, smm.domains has the right to request updated information from the CUSTOMER. If this information is not provided, smm.domains has the authority to stop and cancel the services provided. The CUSTOMER accepts the contact information provided during domain registration to be seen on the internet within the framework of the rules of the registry operators. The CUSTOMER cannot hold smm.domains responsible for this information seen by everyone on the Internet.
For each domain registered by the CUSTOMER, the information detailed below is publicly available in whois services in accordance with international domain policies. It is deemed accepted by the CUSTOMER that 3rd parties can access this information as a result of queries on the Internet and that this information can be used commercially.
The CUSTOMER is deemed to have accepted the "Dispute Resolution Policy" organized by smm.domains within the framework of international domain rules. smm.domains may change these rules when necessary. The CUSTOMER agrees that it is necessary to read the agreements on the smm.domains site periodically in order to review the changes made in the resolution rules while receiving service. If the CUSTOMER wishes to cancel the domain registration due to these changes, no refund can be made.
The CUSTOMER accepts all rules set by smm.domains or the authorized registry operator. In case of non-compliance with the rules specified in the contracts, smm.domains has the right to stop, suspend or cancel the service provided.
Any domain sold by smm.domains cannot be canceled in any way after the sale is made. No changes can be made to the domain name. No refund can be made in any way.